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What is Mysticism? Do I have a Mystical Calling?

Updated: May 11

Dear Friends,

Here at the Monastery, we have been exploring mysticism. These questions were raised:

Do I have a mystical calling? How does mysticism fit with the practical application of A Course In Miracles and the journey of awakening?

Enjoy the following clips from a recent conversation - and a song that sings to us of our natural state when we are basking in the miracle... which is where all of this is heading.

What is a Mystical Calling? Click here

Practical Mysticism (Yes! Even in the bathroom!) Click here

Song - Holy Now by Peter Mayer Click here

An Invitation

You are invited to join our new , which was launched this morning.

After embracing a deep dive into living in devotion and "undoing the doer" here at the Monastery, the Call to extend is now shining bright!

Healing insights, miracles, reflections of God's Love and Light, prayers, songs, profound teachings and messages from the Holy Spirit, and other awakening resources will be shared through this group. We are so blessed!

Click here to visit and join the group - you are so very welcome.

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