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What is a Mystic

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

What is a mystic? One who desires nothing from the world because they know where the Source of all happiness, love and contentment is found.

A mystic will tell you that there are no shortcuts on the journey of transformation. Mysticism is a pathway through the darkness to the light–it is one of exposing the ego, of raising the unconscious into conscious awareness so it can be released/forgiven. Healing is total. A mystic will speak of devotion, the strength of mind, and single-pointed desire that are required to overcome the ego entirely. It is not a journey for the faint of heart, as mysticism is allowing the self concept to fall away entirely.

A mystic has found an inner contentment, a peaceful joy that is deeply attractive, fulfilling, and total, and therefore has no goals within the world. The thought of reaching for, or 'leaving' for a goal in the world is unthinkable. There is nothing else!

A mystic does not have a goal to change the world, knowing full well that the world is a reflection of an internal condition. Knowing spiritual reality to be Truth, and the world of form to be illusory, mystics are fully aware of the eternal nature of our Being. And yet, a mystic is in touch with their particular Calling, and obediently follows the Guidance that moves them to continue to inspire and bless, and remind those they meet that they are loved by their Creator.

Although their Calling may be the same, the lives of mystics appears to be very different. Radiance of Truth does not require spoken or written words, the Presence of God can just as easily be communicated through Silence. Some may appear to live a quiet, simple life, and others may be called to speak of, and from the Heart of God to the masses. Regardless, being a mystic is a full-time occupation and is anything but idle.

A mystic has no interest in a career, including a spiritual career, because a mystic has laid aside all (personal) self interest. Therefore, developing or maintaining a self concept or position within the world is unthinkable to them – laughable in fact! If asked how a mystic would feel if their body were to be laid aside this day, one would most likely respond with a smile - with heart-felt gratitude and appreciation for the fulfillment they have found, and the awareness of completion of this Life's Work.

It was to realize God.

With Love, Kirsten (2016)

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