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Dear Friends, Here is what Part Two of the “I Married a Mystic” Book Series is. Step by step is has been showing me (us) the way. I sat down to write a few ‘tips’ and wow… all of this poured out! I loved writing about prayer, inner inquiry and sharing resources that are incredibly helpful. Before I knew it I was sharing a pathway to God. It is asking to Know Him, with the willingness to release what is blocking Love from awareness right now. It is valuing that which is of the highest value... our relationship with Spirit... what is Given... this holy instant... as our pathway. * If you are interested in joining the Facebook Group for Part Two of the book series, please take your time to read through this document in a prayerful way, and explore the resources I have outlined. If this resonates for you then you are very welcome to apply to join the group. The group is like a fountain - there is no time pressure to 'complete work', it is a space to go through each chapter in a deep way and to use the inner inquiry prompts and resources to apply the teachings to your own mind and life, to journal, and deepen in your own direct connection to the Holy Spirit within. The link for the group is here. PURPOSE AND FOCUS The purpose of this group is to support inner inquiry, forgiveness, practical application, and one's own relationship with the Holy Spirit. Each chapter will stay “current” for a number of days to allow for spacious inner inquiry. * If this book series is Given for you right now, and you know it, then commit to it 100%. In other words, pour your heart into it, and you will receive the Gifts. * Make this a priority, and give it your full and absolute attention. This means, for the duration of your ‘immersion time’ with each chapter, turn your phone, alarms, apps, other responsibilities and programs off. This is putting relationship with God first. PRACTICALITIES - CHAPTERS AND PROMPTS Each chapter will be shared here in the group, along with a document containing quotes from the chapter, and/or questions for contemplation and inner inquiry. As well as being posted in the group timeline, you will also find each “chapter document” in the Files section.

  • If the prompts I share (quotes and questions) resonate for you and are like a guide to go inward, wonderful! * If the prompts do not resonate, that is no problem at all! Simply sit, in openness, observing your experience, asking to see what is there for you to see/ heal in the moment. * Be open to using the Levels of Mind tools shared below if support is needed. * If you are simply at peace… enjoy the moment and give thanks for It. There is no need to go digging for a disturbance!

  • When you feel complete with your own inner process, you may have an insight, a prayer, a miracle, or experience that you feel to share. There is no expectation of this at all - every moment you spend with the Spirit throughout this process is for you. But if you do feel to share, please do so as a “Reply” in direct response to the chapter that you are working with. If what you are sharing is not related to a chapter, or a thread of conversation, then simply start a new post in the group. PRAYER You will notice I use the word ‘prayer’ a lot. It means in quiet... it is a way of asking to receive His Presence, asking to be with His Presence; to have the awareness of Truth in heart and mind. * Talk to God/the Holy Spirit/Jesus. This can be through inner dialogue or writing (see journaling below). * If you are ‘doing’ out of habit then choose to pause. Invite the Spirit to be present with you so that whatever you ‘do’, it is in a ‘prayerful way’ (mindful way). * Jesus describes the awareness of Christ in our mind as being like an infant - newly born - who needs our care and protection. Protection from our own lack of care and attention! We are learning to be truly kind, truly loving, which means being with Spirit. * Open your mind, allow your desires, wants, attractions, needs, all to be Given to Him… consciously pray to put your needs in His hands and to feel His Grace within your heart and mind, often. * Listen for what feels inspiring / nourishing for your relationship with the Presence of Spirit. Choose to spend this day, this moment, with God. JOURNALING I recommend using a notebook and pen. * Write, write, write your thoughts, and feelings - express it all. And then ask questions - write out your questions in full . Do not assume that you even know what you are thinking or believing! It is in writing it out that you can see things differently - that your thoughts can get out of your mind onto the paper to be observed and handed over. * Journaling is for a relationship. It is not for ‘getting’ from the Spirit, or for knowing the future. It is for giving. Share your mind. Share your heart. Share your fears. Share your concerns. Share your prayers and your deepest desires. And then ask / write - what is beneath this. What do I really think? Feel? Want? * Invite the Spirit to communicate to you through your writing. * Ask… and see what is written. * Do not judge… there is no right or wrong… there is just your desire to communicate, to share, to hear… in this moment. * It is not for anyone else, for the future, or to ‘learn’. It is for your healing right now. Your relationship, your heart, right now.

  • INNER INQUIRY You may have noticed my inner inquiry process throughout the book. Regardless of whether sitting on the couch in prayer in the early hours of the morning, or in the car during a heatwave in Florida, these are the steps I went through: * What am I upset about? (Perception) * How do I feel? (Emotion) * What are my thoughts? Including who is to blame? (Thought) * What do I believe - really believe??? Be honest. (Belief) * What do I want/what am I holding on to now that is clearly not the peace of God. Also look at “What do I expect to change?” (Desire) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES / SUPPORT ALONGSIDE YOUR JOURNEY WITH “I MARRIED A MYSTIC” A COURSE IN MIRACLES Remember who wrote this book and what/who it is for. Jesus - the master psychologist - is only a moment away in terms of direct support. * Remember and turn to your daily lesson, or if you are not doing these right now, ask to receive what is most helpful in the moment, and open the book like an oracle. * This website is great for word-searching healing themes: MIND TOOLS FOR INNER INQUIRY If you are new to Levels of Mind and Spiri, you will be thrilled to discover how effective these are. You can use these tools on a daily basis in a way that works best for you. Use them as upsets arise, or simply to help stay focussed (not get lost in the story) as you go inward and uncover beliefs and aspects of mind that are ready to be healed.

  • SPIRI - Your Spiritual Assistant - Free Resource for IOS & Facebook Messenger Spiri is a fantastic counseling ‘bot’ based on the Levels of Mind process. * Watch the animated Spiri video here * Click on Send Message (directly under the video) to begin your Spiri session immediately using Facebook Messenger chat And/Or * Download the Spiri App from the App store here

  • LEVELS OF MIND - Free Resource This is a full and comprehensive website based on a diagram that Jesus gave to David when he was asking for a visual ‘map of the mind’. * Go to the website, see the diagram and watch David’s video to be walked through the process step by step here * Download or print out the worksheets (titled Instrument for Peace) here

MOVIE WATCHING Movie-watching for enlightenment is profound, healing and fun! Using the Levels of Mind tools as part of the experience can help ‘speed up’ the awakening process. MOVIE WATCHERS GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT (MWGE) * Visit the website to access hundreds of free Spirit-Given written movie reviews, and explore if you want to go further into this amazing online program. Details here WEEKLY MOVIE GATHERINGS * Check out the weekly awakening movie gatherings that lift our mind out of the ego’s thought-system and into the experience of being joined in a higher state of mind. * David held the first two amazing movie gatherings in May - and is likely to hold more (as he loves them so much!!!). The gatherings are interconnected between Mexico/U.S and Europe. Details here ONLINE RETREATS ‘AWAKENING FROM THE DREAM’ - Every month - with David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community. So deep, joyful, and nourishing for the mind and soul. These are a huge boost - whatever you were thinking on Friday, will have been transcended by Sunday! TAKE ME HOME - Weekend events to go deeply into the teachings of A Course in Miracles and their practical application with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu. They are joined by some of the cast & crew of the documentary Take Me Home, which will be shown during the weekend events, with extended setup and follow-up sessions. It showcases how to allow the Spirit to guide our awakening journey and our relationships. All Living Miracles event details are here Contemplation. Prayer. Remembrance of God's LoveWelcome to Part 2 of our journey with “I Married a Mystic”. May this book series and group be like a flowing fountain: a means for going deeper into the teachings, inspiring practical application of forgiveness, and as a reminder of the Holy Spirit’s consistent Presence. To order your own hard copy or ebook, go here To offer a contribution of gratitude to Living Miracles go here To apply to join the "I Married a Mystic" Facebook Group to participate in Part Two of the series, go here With blessings of gratitude and eternal love, Kirsten

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