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Walking Through Veils

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Mysticism is a journey into the heart of God. The Presence of light filling our heart and mind is what we truly want. And when we realize this, for real, then forgiveness becomes more of a ‘letting things slide off’ experience, rather than a struggle to let go. It is when we stop holding on to any aspect of a situation as we we perceive it, that the struggle is no more.

Although this is a journey Home into Who we are, it is experienced as a journey into the unknown. Isn’t that wild! Who we are not is a self-concept that includes my 'self' and everyone / everything in my world as I am perceiving it. And to the extent that we keep maintaining this 'self' by believing in a thought system involving fear or division of any kind, we are blocking the light from our awareness. In other words, every situation in need of forgiveness is my mind, my ‘self’!

To have our mind filled with light is to have it empty of everything else. Which makes perfect sense… but wow… to keep letting go of ‘everything else’ feels like such a deep walk of trust. The belief in separation and fear of Love (of losing everything to this light - of being completely dependent on this light) runs deep, and gets triggered in so many different ways - although we don’t always recognize it for what it is.

We have to keep releasing the past to recognize our brother’s innocence and remember our true Identity as Spirit in this moment. This is our mission until loving thoughts are all that is left. A healed mind is one that knows only gratitude, fully aware that all things work/worked together for good. When this is known, the journey is seen to be exactly what was called for, for the full release of identification with that which I am not.

There is a doorway to freedom. It swings wide open and the light pours through as we turn our focus away from anything else within the ‘room of enclosed perception’ that we have boxed ourself into through false interpretations and beliefs. We can simply walk out!

What is being overcome with every seeming leap we take is the belief in separation; the belief that if I take this step there will be loss - that loss, abandonment, betrayal is possible.

The journey from littleness to magnitude is one of walking the path Given us to walk. We can’t walk another’s path, or wait to be told what ours is. Our heart shuts down if we delay, and it reopens immediately when we take the leap and move in the Given direction.

What if the leap is simply to turn our attention? To change our mind? It can be as simple as this. At other times there are leaps that involve changes in form that simply have to be taken… to be shown that it is not what we thought… it is for joy!

In deep gratitude and appreciation for every step taken on this journey - as we approach brick walls, and walk through veils.

Deep breaths...

With Love,

Kirsten More on mysticism here:

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