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The Hush of Heaven...

Every morning I awake to silence… stillness… the hush of heaven in the air…

One glance at the vastness is all it takes to be reminded that this day belongs to God.

And His joy is my joy - all He wants for us is to allow His Love to be extended through us to His beloved child / his beloved children - through being in peace, through being with Jesus in prayer, through listening and welcoming His Presence in our mind and heart as our priority in every moment.

Every night I sit and listen to the sound of silence… which is filled with the soft singing of crickets, and the faint sound of the river flowing below, as it makes its way through the canyon… And I give thanks for yet another day. For His Love. For our Purpose of forgiveness, through which we receive All that we ever wanted. A Heart full of joy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

#ACIMmonastery #LivingMiraclesMonastery #ThankYouGod

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