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The Experience of Mystical Community - An Invitation to Awaken

Beloved Friends, I am so grateful for the singular Purpose that awakens our Heart to Love, and our Mind all the way into the consistent Yes for God.

We are so worthy of knowing Who we are in every moment. It is through forgiveness, and being Guided by the One Who Knows! Truly, our will is One with Gods - and His will for us is perfect happiness. The initial group came together here at the Monastery on November 1st as a mystical community at the Living Miracles Monastery. After setting up and settling in, a small group of us are now immersed in a beautiful vibe here, and are inspired to extend the invitation for several others to join us. The Invitation from the Spirit is into the present moment, to be truly awakened from the ego— from all sense of lack and littleness. It is a Call to open to our true Identity as Spirit, through our shared purpose of forgiveness. Enjoy this first video, spontaneously captured with myself, Metha and Susan, as they share of their commitment to the healing process of undoing the doer, facing resistance and choosing to trust, following through with the Spirit’s Guidance, and realizing the ultimate lesson. In the second video I find myself “following the white rabbit" and sharing the joy of the present moment!

Mystical Community Invitation

Following the White Rabbit, and our Heart's Calling

There is space to come to the Monastery beginning in early January, so if this invitation Calls to you, find more information including an application form here.

With Love, Kirsten and Mystical Community / Beloveds at the Monastery ❤️

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