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The Answers Always Come from Within.

Inner listening is how we can be truly helpful. It is how we connect with wisdom, truth and love. Listen within, beyond the conflictual thoughts of the ego - to the communication beyond. Listen for the silence that is Calling your mind to be at peace - regardless of what you are ‘hearing’ from the surface of consciousness (your own thoughts or spoken by another - they are the same). Everyone desires to be truly helpful. To be truly loving. The key is to listen… train your mind to listen inwardly in response. Give yourself permission to relax and not have the answer -because it will not come from you (personally).

The response that unlocks perceived problems, the Answer that results in a miracle (the release of fear as things are seen differently), always comes from the Source of peace that is within you. Give space - allow space - practice patience - trust in the Spirit within to be the healer, the help, the Answer. Active listening is to listen deeply within. It is to practice forgiveness constantly by releasing every thought that arises that wants to engage with the story. In releasing your own thoughts and impulse to respond you are making the space within you for Truth to be present. To receive the Gift of awareness that you can then share. You must first receive the healing before you can share it… especially at times like this, when world circumstances are unpredictable, the practice of inner listening is the greatest Gift that you can receive, or give. Let’s be the light of the world, by welcoming the light to be in our mind… it shines of itself. If there are words to be spoken, they will be Given… but again… they will not come from you alone. Relax... allow.... watch... and have the Answer revealed. I will be sharing much more on this topic in the days, weeks and months to come. It inspires me deeply. It is our relationship with God. With blessings, Kirsten

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