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Print Book "50 Years of Miracles" Now Available!

Hi everyone! Great news! The print book 50 Years of Miracles is now available for you in our online store! Since the first launch in April, the book has already touched many hearts. We are so grateful to now share this beautiful print version with you and hope it will continue to inspire many miracles! Order your print copy here! David's steadfast devotion to following Jesus and being truly helpful preceded countless miracles, whose blessings are still extending all around the world today. 50 Years of Miracles: Parables of David Hoffmeister & Friends is an invitation to join David on a journey through some of the beautiful teaching parables mainly shared from his own "Parable of David," that have inspired and comforted so many.

A free download of the book is available here

Enjoy the blessings of these many miracle stories! Showers of Love, The Living Miracles Community

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