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Pathway to the Heart of God ~ Mystical Retreat

Updated: Jul 7


Give your whole heart to serving Gods Plan. For eventually your heart will burst open with the abundance of Love pouring through you…

and it will be done.

This is my experience, as I find myself in Silence and stillness... the 'doer' has been undone... the prayer to serve and know mySelf as the One Giving and receiving has been answered.

I find myself in tears of gratitude - for the huge volume of opportunities I have been given to serve His Plan...

The miracle is shining in my mind... so bright and clear... and the hush of heaven... the quietness... surrounds and fills my being... emanating out to the whole world...

So utterly content... present... still.


You are invited to a retreat this fall with David and myself. It will be a deep and beautiful experience, held at the Living Miracles Monastery.

This place has been a backdrop for countless opportunities for beloveds from around the world to come and deepen in their practice and devotion, through service and prayer. Being in a community setting where the Purpose of awakening is nurtured and valued, is a Gift for the heart and mind.

Sessions will be dull of depth, clarity and joy. An opportunity to gather, and bask in Presence, inviting the Spirit to pour through, answering the deepest question of the heart.

Being with David at an in-person retreat is such a gift - and a rare opportunity.

If you feel Called, we would be delighted to have you join us.


For more info and to register, go to:


With eternal Love,

Kirsten ❤️

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