New Years Blessings & Invitations

Updated: Jan 2

Beloved Friends,

New Years Blessings to you, extending to every moment that we perceive our self in time. We are blessed to have found our path. Our Purpose is with us every moment that we remember and choose for it. Our decision brings us total freedom every instant we align with the Holy Spirit - who always decides for God for us. Our happiness and peace are not dependent on anything of this world, let alone time! Thank you God!!! We were created to shine!

May our decision for God become so consistent that all else disappears from our heart and mind… revealing what is forever true... God Is... nothing unreal exists.

Invitations ❤️

❤️ From tomorrow morning, the 1st of January 2021, we will be listening to David’s reading and commentary of the ACIM Lessons and sections of the Text as part of the morning prayer/meditation time here at the Monastery.

You are welcome to download this free, high quality audiobook of the first 25 Lessons with commentary, and join us in the depth and prayer each morning, as we listen, and contemplate this profound awakening content in silent meditation.

Each reading is an invitation to unwind from all thoughts of this world and drop into the depth of our Being in God. Click here

After day 25, continue right on with the same series of readings, freely accessible via David’s YouTube or Spreaker channel by simply typing into Google, e.g. David Hoffmeister Lesson 26.


❤️ Stay tuned for an invitation which will be shared here in the new year. It is a way to join online in the experience of true prayer and stillness through guided meditations. More details coming soon! 

❤️ Tomorrow night we will be joining in online for the first Awakening From the Dream Online Retreat of 2021, with David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, and Living Miracles community. It is the “Celebration of Illumination - the Great Awakening”.

“So will the year begin in joy and freedom. There is much to do, and we have been long delayed. Accept the holy instant as this year is born, and take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the Great Awakening. Make this year different by making it all the same. And let all your relationships be made holy for you. This is our will. Amen.” (T-15.XI.10)

Register here

With blessings and overflowing gratitude,

Kirsten and Beloveds at the Living Miracles Monastery ❤️

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