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Meditation Update & Mysticism

Updated: May 11

Hi Everyone ❤️

I just received guidance from Jesus not to hold any more guided meditations. Something else is coming in, and I will share the invitation with you when I have received all of the details. What I can tell you is that it involves prayer. So there will not be a guided meditation session this coming Monday. Below is the most recent and what turned out to be the final session, from Monday 12th April; a talk on devotion and mind-training, and on into a 20 minute silent meditation. You can find all of the previous guided meditations here

We are entering a quiet phase now at the Monastery. It feels like 'Tabula Rasa' a clean slate. It is a time of allowing the Spirit to reveal what this next phase is. It feels spacious and full. A time of reflection and prayer, tending the garden figuratively and literally, as are the deer, chipmunks, squirrels and birds, who bless us every day with their sweet presence.

With Love always, Kirsten ❤️

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