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"I Married a Mystic" Series Part 2.

Hi Everyone ❤️

I’ve been in prayer about how the new "I Married a Mystic" Book Sharing Facebook group can continue to serve in a way that inspires and points to practical application of the teachings.

As I feel into it, the image I see is a fountain. The water continually flows in a self-sustaining way...

The content of “I Married a Mystic” is the water - which can continue to be a means for going deeper into the teachings, for inspiring practical application of forgiveness, and be a reminder of the Holy Spirit’s consistent Presence. Beginning with Chapter One, the YouTube link for each chapter will be posted in the group as an invitation to sit by the fountain, take the ideas inward in prayer, for reflection, to inquire into how the teachings are applicable for your own awakening process right now. Each Chapter will remain as the focus for a good few days before the next one is shared. I may highlight specific aspects of the chapter, or offer suggestions for inner inquiry or practical application - I am open to see what comes and how this unfolds 🙏 This group is for readers of "I Married a Mystic" and those who have gone through the online book series. It is a warm invitation to join the group and share your experience, insights and questions / prayers. Know that you are with a group of mighty companions who will hold the space of prayer and forgiveness while reading / receiving your sharing. With Love, Kirsten ❤️ *This fountain is in the garden at La Casa De Milagros, Mexico... a beautiful place to sit and reflect, pray and take time to be with God... 🙏❤️❤️❤️ * The link for the Facebook group is on my website here:

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