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Herein lies Freedom...

Tonight begins an intimate weekend retreat here at the house in Alkmaar, Holland. An opportunity to immerse in silence, allow what is ready to arise for healing, and be within an atmosphere of safety, presence, prayer, and Love, with the Holy Spirit Guiding the weekend.

Inspired by the profound and practical teaching in the Course that minds are joined, and therefore private thoughts must be brought to the light in order to heal and experience the freedom, joy and intimacy that we all desire.

This course is not beyond immediate learning, unless you believe that what God wills takes time… The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be it is... For beyond the past and future, where you will not find it, it stands in shimmering readiness for your acceptance… Your practice must therefore rest upon your willingness to let all littleness go.” (T-15.IV)

After the Being Guided tour came to an end I have been in prayer to be shown directions... which involves allowing the 'not-knowing'... allowing the space... allowing feeling deactivated without knowing if I will ever be activated again... allowing each moment to be so full and total that there is nothing else... tears falling in the letting go of everything...

And then the call quietly shows itself... such as for an intimate retreat... and now before we begin there is a waiting list and group already asking for the next one to be arranged... ready to set a date...

It seems to be more and more like that - things arranging themselves and telling me that they are happening... and so we shall see... for sure it will be obvious, as His Plan always is.

My gatherings inspire songs in the hearts of those who come... awakening to the realization of what is blocking and what is truly supportive to know God... I just show up... available to be moved, to be shown what is the Call and how Grace would answer... for now this is the part He would have me play to know Him, to be with Him, to be released from the belief that I am anything more or less than the listening, the following, the Presence that is felt...

Of myself I can do nothing... thank you God... herein lies true freedom... herein lies love ❤

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