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Ebbs and Flows

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I just spent 3 months in Utah, which was mostly a time of solitude. I would go out into the forest, into the hills, or alongside the canal, and was reminded of God by the flowing rivers, the light on the water, sunsets, soaring birds, every cloudless vast sky and cloud-filled sky. After almost two years of extensive traveling and being so activated with those I was with, this phase took a moment to accept. But once it was fully accepted, each day had a Gift... spaciousness... timelessness...

And then it was time for a shift... my heart was calling to join and extend in a different way...

On a phone call with my friend Suzanne, the invitation arose to come to Ajijic, with a joyful offer to stay in Rita's apartment while she is away. I truly don't know anything other than to trust, accept, and follow what supports my heart to open... allowing the continual dissolution into the light...

Immediately after this shift was clear, I found myself writing about mysticism, and designing a Mysticism page on my website as a place to keep sharing the Presence that inspires so deeply. This kind of a sign is everything to me. Expansion, openness, Presence... Once I was on the plane I fell into a deep peace... ever more pulled into awareness of dreaming - especially with such a movie-like dreamscape filled with guidelines and regulations for ‘safety’. It felt sweet, to see all of the care for making everyone feel safe… It truly is all the playing out of ideas. Thank God we know we are an Idea in the Mind of God - a Thought of Love, of Spirit, of Joy! And when we are in touch with Who we Are, and the simplicity of this being Everything, we are invulnerable - untouched by the thought of separation from Truth - which appears in so many different ways. The depth has continued... it feels like being anchored into God... while the next wave swells... anchored so that I don't get swept away… as there is a swirl here… but remain deeply present... watching, welcoming, and allowing what is to come in the next moment...

The holy encounters so far have involved tears of recognition and gratitude… simply meeting in the moment... as miracles happen. The malecon (lakeside boardwalk and paths) outside my front doorstep opened the day I arrived, having been closed for many weeks - so yet again I can walk and sit by the water. Thank you God... it feels brand new... as a reflection of mind renewed... ever more aware that it is all mind… reflections of mind.

There is a Jesus candle in front of me, and a meditating buddha looking out across the lake a short walk away 🥰

Each phase of the journey has a deep healing value when we fully appreciate it for exactly what it is - no more, no less - without comparing it to other phases or allowing limited thinking to cover it with veils of interpretation. Phases bring us face to face with exactly what we are Calling to see and transcend, and, like all healing moments, they are temporary.

In deep gratitude for what does not change, for that which is carrying us, surrounding us always, inviting us to be in the Light.

With Love, Kirsten See the Mysticism page here (On a laptop rather than a phone for the disappearing into light experience.)

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