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Psychotherapy, ACIM, or both?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Dear Kirsten,

I have a question in regards to traumatic experiences. What or better how would Jesus deal with personality disorders for example? Would you suggest therapy or simply doing the course? or both?

I doubt that in certain cases prayer alone will do and that it certainly a lack of faith. So where am I when I still believe in therapy on a psychological level?

I think where I am struggling at the moment is to put a fix label over someone e.g. you have this and that borderline personality and it is rare to be cured. I find it easier if I see that certain traces are here coming up from the unconscious in a very painful way but the label, the diagnosis hurts me. Makes me feel even more if once diagnosed as disordered or even ill you are always ill. Aren't all identities in some way disordered as long as we are not living our true reality..

Warm wishes, C

Hi C,

There is a booklet called the Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice, within which Jesus describes the value and purpose of psychotherapy. I find that when working with others including 1-1 sessions, and also in gatherings when someone asks a question and is open to exploring their healing on a deeper level directly within a group, it is often psychotherapy. Particularly when it involves trauma, it can be very supportive and helpful to be 'walked through' a healing process by someone who is clear on the process of forgiveness and can both hold the space to allow for emotional healing, and can gently guide the process to see the present core beliefs in the mind that are ready to be seen.

ACIM is a mind training tool to help your mind, discern what is of the ego, and to align the direction of our thinking and prayer towards the Voice for God. Because this is a pathway involving relationships, the journey will no doubt involve psychotherapy at some level.

I join you in giving any "official diagnosis" over to the Spirit for release. While also acknowledging the need for support and healing. It is good to be open to who and what the Spirit brings onto our path for healing - and to stay open to the recognition that the healing goes far beyond the recent story or experiences of this lifetime. There are core beliefs in the mind that are ready to be faced and healed. This is the context for seeing the healing within the perspective of awakening, which is not personal, and then need not be resisted or seen as failure of any kind.

With much love,


The Psychotherapy booklet is available to order here, and is also included in newer editions of ACIM, as published by the authorized publishers, The Foundation for Inner Peace

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