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Christ-Child, held in Light ✨

Inspired by the experience of ACIM Lesson, "I will be still an instant and go home". "In stillness I am Home...

This Christ-child, tucked within my Heart

So poignant and clear,

Most cherished and precious...

This world cannot shelter her,

She belongs with her Mother, her Father, her God.

Held dear within the light,

So close,

All sense of parent and child disappear

In the Union of the One.

To feel this tender Love in my heart,

In every moment, is all that I want.

Nothing but awareness of Christ' Love,

God's Love, Home.

The 'runaway girl' became a seeker

Searching for her Home.

She found. She is no longer lost.

Oh, my Heart."

Have a blessed day,

at Home in Christ,

With eternal Love,

Kirsten ❤️

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