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"Being Guided" Europe

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I am in Europe right now, and felt my mind fill up with light when I heard to Commit fully to traveling. This is my current 'special function', and as always, when there is a full 100% yes, the whole Universe can come up underneath it... and it has the mystical, open-minded, open-hearted experience of being a one-way ticket to God!

After sharing that I am open for spontaneous travels, gatherings and miracles, many beautiful invitations and expressions of love have poured in my direction. There are gatherings and weekend events planned in Finland, Holland, Belgium and France in November and early December, and a couple of other explorations in prayer.

I would love to see you at one of the events, or hear from you if you feel the spark in your heart to connect. The Spirits Plan always involves our joy… and miracles.

 "If you have made it a habit to ask for help when and where you can, you can be confident that wisdom will be given you when you need it.” (ACIM)

 Guidance, trust and a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit are the main themes for these gatherings, although questions on the heart are always welcome. Having a consistent relationship with the Holy Spirit and following Guidance means purpose, freedom, and happiness. We all want to feel lit up from within, to feel the joy of the Spirit within our heart and mind!

You will find contact details for event organizers, and all of the confirmed events on the Events page here

This morning's prayer: Your light in my mind, Your love in my heart, Your touch upon my face With love and gratitude for the opportunity to shine His light, Kirsten

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