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A Direction is Being Revealed

Beloved friends,

I have been in prayer about my Calling, and the next step has been revealed - it feels like a Gift from God. 
It involves residing at the Monastery and having a ‘mystical community’ come together, beginning late fall. 

When I sit with this in prayer, it feels like an invisible path opening up… a feeling and awareness of light… infused with deep peace… which then becomes the path of light to the light.

It feels completely present, anchored right Here, while at the same time, there is a Knowing that it leads to God. That unmistakable Knowing of what this is all for.

To be at the Monastery, where there is one singular, deep purpose held, abiding with those who share the desire to awaken, is a Gift beyond measure. I feel such a joy in my heart!!! 

“Peace is joy at rest, Joy is rest at play”. This is how it feels!

Joyful. Reverent. Nurturing awareness of the holy instant to keep it shining in awareness. This one Present Goal that fulfills all desires, all prayers of the Heart. It feels deeply nurturing for our hearts and mind.

There is a wonder in seeing each day reveal itself, of tuning into the Spirit’s Flow and Guidance, and learning over and over again that God's will for us is perfect happiness. 

This is our natural state of mind, and state of being, and becomes consistent and unwavering through our dedication to mind-training and internal listening. Oh don’t we all look forward to being completely free of all scraps of self-doubt, unworthiness, and hesitation! 

And so, our path at the Monastery involves open communication, and collaborations through which the Guidance of the Spirit is revealed and strengthened within our mind, to keep showing us the Way, what is truly helpful, and Who we truly are.

I welcome discovering who is to come and reside together throughout the winter. And seeing how shorter stays and retreats will unfold to host beloveds desiring to come.

To be held in this depth of one purpose, surrounded by the vast open spaciousness in the silence of the canyon reflects the deepest prayer of our Heart - to “Be still, and know that I am God”. 

 With love and deep, deep gratitude, Kirsten To see pictures and get a feeling for the Monastery and what is happening there now during the summer, visit

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