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💛 2023 Invitation & Monastery Update

Updated: May 11

Beloved friends,

Having been nestled in at the Monastery for a snowy winter, we are in full appreciation of the energy-efficient renovations and solar-powered systems that were installed last year! We are extending an invitation for devotional stays this year beginning in late March, which then extend as “Going Green” stays this summer.

Enjoy this heartfelt invitation video!

The Monastery is a wonderful place to immerse in hands-on projects, guided by the Holy Spirit for awakening. They inspire collaboration, communication, and “undoing the doer” as we pray, listen and follow.

Some inspiring ideas for 2023:

Greening Up - Atrium greenhouse with vegetable gardens 🍅🥦🥕🥬

Sparking Water - An interconnected water channeling system, from rainwater catchment to underground tanks. No need for shovels, we have a backhoe tractor! 💦

Shining Solar - Increased solar production to cover more of our electric needs. ☀️

Breezing Along - A windmill to harness more natural resources! 🌬

Find the application for spring & summer here We look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps seeing you this year at the Monastery,

With Love, Kirsten (and everyone at the Monastery) ❤️❤️❤️

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