The Living Miracles Monastery

Our devotion is to the living moment. To the grace and light that comes from giving our hearts and minds over to the Holy Spirit to guide.

A Course In Miracles is the foundation, being the mystical teachings of Jesus. Through these clear teachings we learn that forgiveness is our true prayer. When we forgive, our prayers are answered because we are freed of that which was binding us to limitation and any sense of lack. When blocks are removed, we experience the truth of our being, we receive Everything. We receive Love - the Love that we are and have always been.

All relationships, projects and service share the same holy purpose of healing the mind - of undoing the ego and inviting the Holy Spirit's Presence and Guidance to show the Way.  

A prayerful way of living is nurtured at the Monastery. To ‘be prayerful’ is to be in a state of asking to receive the Holy Spirit in each moment. 

This prayerful state is then taken into daily living, and is the foundation from which all action can be taken. 


Beginning November 1st, I will be inviting a small group to abide together at the monastery throughout the winter, from 3-6 months. Shorter stays will open up at a later date - details are also on the form.

To be where there is one singular, deep purpose held, abiding with those who share the desire to awaken, is a Gift beyond measure. I feel such a joy in my heart!

Please watch the video below, and i
f this calls to your heart, there is an application form that provides more detailed information here. 

Writings on Devotion, Prayer and Mysticism inspired by being at the monastery here

The Foundation

In 2008 a small constellation of devoted ones from around the world were drawn together to say ‘yes’ to one purpose; to remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love’s presence and then to share it. The golden thread linking us were the deep teachings of David Hoffmeister and the spiritual self-study book, A Course in Miracles (published by the Foundation for Inner Peace). 

As modern-day monks, we live a life dedicated to peace of mind and heart. We share all things in common and together experience a life of service, devotion, and heartfelt collaboration. We were brought together by the Spirit of Love to realize we are Love Itself. With a full commitment to one undivided purpose we join together and fall deeper into this Divine Presence. This is our life calling and we approach it with gratitude, reverence, and wide-eyed wonder.

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Evening in the canyon