Living Miracles Monastery

Thank you for your interest in our A Course In Miracles Monastery,

a place of devotion, reverence and prayer.

One singular Purpose is held out in front as the guiding light for all that we do here.

This Purpose is to awaken to the truth of our Being. The means for healing and recognizing Truth are forgiveness, as taught in ACIM, and asking Jesus / the Holy Spirit to Guide the way.

A prayerful state of mind and way of life is nurtured through this direction of turning to the Spirit.

There is no greater joy than, "I take the second place to gain the first" (ACIM).

Our deepest desire is to be one with God, guided by His Loving Voice,

with our hearts and minds filled with his peace, joy and miracles!

Monastery Stays


Coming to the Monastery is for those with a Calling to deepen in relationship with the Holy Spirit,

and in commitment to awakening through living the principles of A Course In Miracles. 

There are two types of stays:

Prayer Stays are shorter visits. They offer an opportunity for quiet prayer-time, as well as opportunities for devotional service, and some opportunities to join with community members.


Mystical Community stays are more of a life Calling. They are a deep dive into full-time devotional community living with one singular purpose of forgiveness. 






It is through Service to Christ; serving a higher Purpose than personal self interests, that the ego is undone. Through following the Spirit, the ego's resistance and autonomy naturally arises to be seen. With the willingness to be transparent; to not hide and protect, deeply held patterns and beliefs are brought to the light and undone.

Prayer Stays 
Up to two weeks

Application Form here

Mystical Community Stays

Minimum 2 months

Application Form here

The Foundation of the Monastery

The Living Miracles Monastery was founded in 2008 by a small group who had been drawn together from around the world through their shared dedication to awakening.

The golden thread linking us was the living demonstration of David Hoffmeister, including the deep teachings that poured through him, and A Course in Miracles being our path. 

The Monastery is currently overseen by one of the founders, Kirsten Buxton, with a small Mystical Community group, which came together in the fall of 2020.

Join Online 


"Invitation to Prayer"
Online Gatherings with Kirsten












Mondays, 10am MDT via Zoom.
Prayer is a way of life - whether it be quiet time alone with God, or praying to hear the Holy Spirit's Guidance throughout the day - prayer is the means given us by God to reach Him.

In "The Song of Prayer," it is described as a ladder that ascends from earth to heaven - as we grow in strength and awareness of what is truly valuable, our prayer becomes consistently spiritual, rather than for things of this world. 

We would love you to join us for these free, online gatherings. 

More information here

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Mystical Calling Facebook Group

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Join our online group and share in the ongoing joy, healing and miracles here


Evening in the canyon
Evening in the canyon

Be still and know
Be still and know