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Living Miracles Monastery

Thank you for your interest in our A Course In Miracles Monastery,

a place of devotion, reverence and prayer.


If you feel Called to deepen in your relationship with the Holy Spirit within this community setting, then a Devotional Stay could be the perfect next step for you!

Find the application form with more information here

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"Mystical Community Living” Retreat at the Monastery

In-person Retreat with David Hoffmeister & Kirsten Buxton

Do you have a Calling to join more deeply with mighty companions in the Purpose of Awakening? Do you feel a stirring or a tickle within your Heart when you hear about healing collaborations and following the Holy Spirit’s Guidance?

The immeasurable benefit of coming together in spiritual community is to be with companions who share the same Purpose. Being joined in the Heart of our Calling to awaken lights us up!

There will be beautiful, heart opening, sessions for being lit up by the Truth, and for sinking into the Presence of God. Be inspired, join us this fall, for an intimate, in-person retreat at the Monastery.

For more information and to register, click on the Join Us button!


The Foundation of the Monastery

The Living Miracles Monastery was founded in 2008 by David Hoffmeister and a small group who had been drawn from around the world, to give their lives over to Christ, and awaken together.

The Monastery is one aspect of vibrant, Living Miracles community. Residents of the community abide at the Monastery full-time, and beloved companions come for devotional service stays from 1-12 months throughout the year, to deepen in devotion.

Mystical Calling Facebook Group

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Join our online group and share in the ongoing joy, healing and miracles here

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