Guided Meditations

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Trust Meditation Cover.jpg

7 guided meditation tracks.
Gently awaken each morning with a loving voice that opens your heart and brings peace to your mind. Each meditation begins with a similar message, then flows into different themes such as releasing fear, finding inspiration, and staying connected with Spirit throughout the day.


A 40 minute guided meditation.
Come on a journey into an inner sanctuary where the peace of God is found. Inspired by passages on trust from A Course in Miracles and the experience beyond the words, this wonderful guided meditation will take you inward to a place of stillness and peace.

When the mind is quiet, the Voice for God can be  heard.

Wind Down.jpg

An 11 minute guided meditation. Wind down from the day, be taken through a letting go process, and experience resting in peace before going to sleep.

“Indeed, this evening/ night meditation together with the morning Wake Up Meditations is a symphony of a day, a harmonious entity to start and end the day, the alpha and omega of a day dedicated to live in the love of God” Sabine ❤️

Music Album / Satsang

Holiness Album cover.jpg

An album recorded live at the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Retreat and Enlightenment Festival

Satsang is to gather in the Presence of the Highest Truth. This "satsing" is a music gathering in Presence; an invitation to allow all that is not of Love to be raised to the light, and to join as One in the Truth of Who we are.

For many more awakening albums, visit the Living Miracles Studio page here


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