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Beginning Monday 6th April! Join Kirsten for the Online Book Reading of "I Married a Mystic".
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Book Excerpts

Enjoy these excerpts from I Married a Mystic and be sure to order your copy if you'd like to read along and have the book to reference during our Online Book Readings. ORDER HERE

"I fell to my knees and cried out for help. I’d been knocked unconscious twice within eighteen months, and both “accidents” had happened just as I’d had the thought, “I don’t want to be here.” I knew that if I didn’t give my life over completely, I was going to kill myself. Literally.

What happened next changed my life completely. I had a direct experience of God’s Love that is almost impossible to convey…" (Chapter 1)

"Listen to the feeling
that calls you into silence,
feel my love surrounding you
and know you are Home.
I am always with you
and as the memory of your holiness
returns to your awareness
you will remember me.
Wake up my precious child,
so long you have been
in such deep slumber,
dreaming that we were apart
and you couldn’t find your way Home" (Chapter 6)

Stop, Drop, and Roll 

"There were times when I found myself unsure of what to do with a repetitive thought pattern. Sometimes it felt like a meaningless distraction, and at other times inner inquiry would lead to genuine healing. Friends asked me for advice on this and it was hard to give an answer that felt applicable for every situation.

The Holy Spirit gave me a great catch-phrase: “Stop, drop, and roll.”
It is what firefighters say to do if you catch on fire, or you’re surrounded by smoke and you can’t see straight. It is the perfect thing to do in an emergency!

Stop following the thoughts.
Drop down to a place where prayer is possible.
Roll with the Holy Spirit—that is, feel the peace and ask for guidance.” (Chapter 6)

"The Mighty Scoop
That night David held a beautiful, deep gathering. Towards the closing I nervously prepared my speech in my mind. Before I could say a word (about donations), however, David spoke. He shared with everyone that we had many, many resources and that it was our joy to give them away for free. His exact words were, “So you just help yourself and take as many as you want, and just leave a donation if you want to.”
Right then a woman came running up to the table with a big smile on her face. She lowered her hand in the shape of a scoop, similar to that on the front of a bulldozer, and with one movement she scooped up about twenty CDs. She then whooshed out the door with an ecstatic “Woo-hoo! Thank you so much!”
I couldn’t believe it! I looked at David and wondered how he could have said such a thing! All of “my” hard work and not one dollar in the basket! He just looked at me with big shining eyes—the wisdom of the ages quietly amused behind the whole scene. I made my way over to the table, quietly willing to be shown what it was all for.” (Chapter 11)

“When you are aligned with Me your thoughts come from Me.
Your actions are then guided by Our thoughts, and motivation is pure.
When Our motivation is of God you feel safe, certain,
and able to watch the script play out." (Chapter 18)

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