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Wake up with David Hoffmeister & the Living Miracles community! Profound, interactive, Heart of Christ online retreats, joyful Enlightenment Movie Gatherings and more. Details are here.


Join us for beautiful, uplifting worship services!
Details are here.

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"Going Green Going Clean" Summer Devotional Stays

This initiative began last summer, as we welcomed a big group for a vibrant and expansive summer, renovating aspects of the monastery, and implementing energy efficient systems. 
Regardless of the activity level, the Purpose of all stays at the Monastery is the same. The focus is on mind-training to listen and follow the Voice of the Holy Spirit, to be Guided in a collaborative and cooperative way. It is truly heart-opening, joyful and miraculous!

The application form is  here.

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"Mystical Community Living” Retreat at the Monastery
In-person Retreat with David Hoffmeister & Kirsten Buxton

Do you have a Calling to join more deeply with mighty companions in the Purpose of Awakening? Do you feel a stirring or a tickle within your Heart when you hear about healing collaborations and following the Holy Spirit’s Guidance? Do you desire to lay aside personal agendas and join in the prayer to know God’s will and Love on a consistent basis?

We are so inspired to welcome you to an immersive retreat at the Monastery this coming fall! This retreat is for those who desire to go deeper into the healing and practical application of A Course in Miracles, within our spiritual community context.

The immeasurable benefit of coming together in spiritual community is to be with companions who share the same Purpose. When there is a shared devotion to Awakening, and a willingness to communicate and heal together, the ego gets transcended, and the joy of being truly joined in Mind, and joined in the Heart, lights us up!

This retreat will include movie gatherings, Q&A’s to ask the deepest questions on your heart, and collaborations to practice the teachings, and bring to the light what is ready to be seen and released. There will be music and other heart-opening, innovative experiential sessions.

Service is a primary means for the Holy Spirit to direct our mind to be with Him. It is a backdrop for collaborations, prayer, and following Guidance through inspired projects that serve the Whole.

The fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be in the vastness of the Strawberry River canyon. Everything feels refreshingly bright, warm, and golden!

For more information and to register, click on the Join Us button!

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