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Events & Programs

New! Join Kirsten online for free Guided Meditations Centering on True Prayer.

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Meditation is a way to heal and train our mind to go inward and be still. It is how we relinquish ego thoughts and strengthen our decision for God. True prayer is coming to God with holy empty hands, asking for nothing but to know truth; to remember oneness through our own direct experience.

To join together in this purpose is a Gift beyond measure… for ourselves and for All.

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Join David Hoffmeister & the Living Miracles community for many profound online awakening events and programs, including the monthly Awakening From the Dream Online Retreats and free online Celebration of Illumination weekend events here.
Find out about the Mystical Mind Training Program / Online Tabula Rasa Mystery School here.

In-person gatherings and retreats are an invitation to directly experience the Peace of God within, as well as explore how to practically apply the non-dualistic principles found in A Course in Miracles in daily life.

The space is held to allow for exploration of the most relevant topics on the heart as an inroads to self inquiry, for opening up, and deepening in direct connection with our true nature.

Shorter gatherings are interactive, and are primarily in the form of spiritual discourse (satsang) where questions are welcome. A clear metaphysical framework is shared, to clarify the difference between Truth and illusions.
 Longer gatherings and retreats involve an experiential /workshop component to support integration of the ideas, and deepening in direct connection. This can involve diad / partner work, inner-listening  journal writing, heart-opening live music, meditations, silence, or metaphysical films.

* There are no in-person events planned at this time.

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