I Married A Mystic


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6×9 Paperback | 238 pgs | 978-1-942253-27-3 | Author: Buxton, Kirsten

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I Married a Mystic is the story of one woman’s leap of faith to discover a love that never ends!

It was a surprise to strong-willed Kirsten Buxton when Jesus suddenly appeared to her, announcing he would be her guide. At twenty-seven years of age, a serious bike accident had left her physically, psychologically, and emotionally devastated, with no control over her life. Having had no previous relationship with Jesus, she began studying A Course in Miracles and developing trust in the Spirit within. Miraculously, world-renowned teacher of A Course in Miracles, David Hoffmeister, visited her hometown. Jesus told Kirsten to trust this man completely in order to experience a relationship like no other. Her courageous acceptance of this guidance opened her heart and mind in ways she never could have imagined.
Throughout this diary of radical self-inquiry, Kirsten candidly exposes her fears, projections, and private thoughts whilst on an epic adventure of holy relationship with a tirelessly happy mystic! A must read for those seeking to intimately apply non-dual spiritual teachings in every aspect of daily experience: in the bedroom, the bathroom, and even the supermarket.
This profound and often humorous account is literally a ‘how-to’ guide for awakening.



Kirsten writes: This book is my experience of a profound and unexpected journey of awakening, detailing an accelerated path after being partnered with a mystic.

A significant part of the book is the journals that were a direct communication between myself and the Holy Spirit from 2005-2007. They are an example of how to ask for help, how to forgive, how to deal with the ego, and how to channel the Spirit. In a way, this is like a guidebook for awakening, as each deep metaphysical truth received by the Spirit was applied to my thoughts and life immediately, and literally became my pathway of awakening.

I had given my life to Jesus to guide, and I trusted him completely. Less than a year later, David Hoffmeister was brought into my life, and Jesus told me to extend my trust to David. This guidance opened my life, mind and heart up in ways I could never have imagined!

This book is a journey about the “Yes”, as well as facing the “No”, and choosing to trust once more. It’s about being in the fast flowing river that carries us Home when the decision is made to leave the river bank and dive in. It is about an authentic journey of asking, receiving, daring to be  transparent, and daring to stay with the Spirits Plan. The Spirits Plan for me involved a very deeply devoted practice of trusting my brother. It still does. And this Trust in Oneness fills my heart with Joy.


Episode 1—Guidance and Holy Relationship: This first episode covers Kirsten’s experience of Holy Relationship with special guest, mystic David Hoffmeister. This marriage of mind served as a backdrop for the development of Trust and following of Guidance that is essential for Awakening.


Episode 2—Transfer of Training: In this second episode “Transfer of Training”, Kirsten discusses her journey of learning to apply forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles to every aspect of her life. She discusses and answers questions on topics such as eating, sleeping, body image, and relationships.

Episode 3—The Power of Thought: In this third episode “Power of Thought”, Kirsten discusses the power of the mind, and getting clear on what as taught in A Course in Miracles regarding cause-and-effect. She reads examples written in her book I Married a Mystic to illustrate the miraculous way that healing can occur when we are willing to take responsibility for the power of our mind. Her examples illustrate that the results of such willingness lead to transcendence of the ego along with its effects, including fear, pain, and physical discomfort.





Episode 4—Mystical Experiences and Forgiveness: In this fourth and final episode, Kirsten describes several mystical experiences she has experienced and the role these experiences have played in her journey. She speaks about the importance of practicing forgiveness, and how this paves the way for mystical experiences to come. Sit back and bask in the presence that Kirsten exudes in this episode.

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