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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Prayer is a way of life. It is a direction of listening, of receiving, of being attuned with the Spirit. In prayer, giving and receiving merge. The Answer comes as a presence, an experience of being One with that which we are asking. The form of the prayer is secondary… it is the intention, the motivation that truly matters.

When the prayer is giving honor, in true humility, it is known deeply that “I of myself”, “I by myself”, “I apart from You” am nothing - truly nothing. In this realization, this separate “I” identity, this separate state holds no interest at all.

In this relinquishment of self, perceived problems dissolve, a deeper understanding of what is believed can be seen, and specific guidance can be received that once again brings awareness of a higher perspective. Regardless of the specifics, it is through the direction of inner listening; through asking of the Spirit or of God, that we receive the one Answer that is deeply desired within our heart.

Cultivate desire, interest, and full attention on God. Allow your mind to be purified, “God I desire only being with you, and therefore serving You. And in this Yes from within my Heart, I will do what you would have me do. Be where You would have me be. I would give this awareness, this Gift where You would have it be Given, in the way in which You would have it be Given. Because it is Yours, it is the extension of who You are. Who am I to control or direct your extension?”

In true prayer, all that is desired is given, because in this awareness of union with God’s will, God is the Love, the Joy, the Light, the Fulfillment, the Beauty, the Radiance, the Life that was longed for. Prayer is absolute fulfillment.

I once had a thousand desires,

But in my one desire to know you

all else melted away.

The pure essence of your being

has taken over my heart and soul.

Now there is no second or third,

only the sound of your sweet cry.

Through your grace I have found

a treasure within myself.

I have found the truth of the Unseen world.

I have come upon the eternal ecstasy.

I have gone beyond the ravages of time.

I have become one with you!

Now my heart sings,

“I am the soul of the world.” Rumi

With Love, Kirsten

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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Devotion is love. To be devoted to God is to simply to love God. In this love, our true Identity is found. We are that Love. We are one with the Love that we desire to know, that we give our full heart and mind to. It is purely in the desire to know this love, to have this love and only this love fill our mind, that our very being merges with it, into it, and our heart is filled to overflowing. It is simply a Giving… a pure desire to know, to be one with, to serve in the truest sense, the Love that we are. Which simply means there is no desire to get or serve something else. To be devoted does not involve proving oneself, or efforting. God simply is. Abiding, ever present light ‘waiting’ for us to relinquish efforting and simply fall back into being with Him. It is simply a singular state of mind, a direction of one’s heart, mind and prayer. This devotion is very different to loyalty to a person, a religion, or a concept of spirituality. In this sense, loyalty or devotion can be personal and can become a block to knowing God. If it originates from personal desire for achievement, or devotion to something external, it will contain it’s opposite - as all things of a dualistic cosmos do. Loyalty to something of this world can mask the belief in disloyalty, or betrayal, or a deep sense of wrongness. Whereas true devotion, of the Heart, from and for the Heart of God - has nothing to do with the ego personality or even the subtlest of spiritual goals. If there is something to heal, the devotion is towards healing. This is the pathway back into remembrance of God - through the miracle which unites us with the light within our brother and our own mind once again. Devotion to awakening to God contains it all. Within this Direction and Care, what is not of God is laid aside, and we awaken to the Love we have always been and will forever be. Here we find our greatest Joy.

Thank You. With Love,


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Every morning I awake to silence… stillness… the hush of heaven in the air…

One glance at the vastness is all it takes to be reminded that this day belongs to God.

And His joy is my joy - all He wants for us is to allow His Love to be extended through us to His beloved child / his beloved children - through being in peace, through being with Jesus in prayer, through listening and welcoming His Presence in our mind and heart as our priority in every moment.

Every night I sit and listen to the sound of silence… which is filled with the soft singing of crickets, and the faint sound of the river flowing below, as it makes its way through the canyon… And I give thanks for yet another day. For His Love. For our Purpose of forgiveness, through which we receive All that we ever wanted. A Heart full of joy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

#ACIMmonastery #LivingMiraclesMonastery #ThankYouGod

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