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Dear Friends,

The foundation of our monastery lies in the mystical teachings of Jesus as taught in A Course in Miracles. It is a place of prayer and devotion, where awakening through forgiveness is the singular purpose. ​ Awakening to Who we are is letting go of all that we are not (the ego). The Spirit's purpose is consistently supported at the Monastery, every day being Guided by Him. Held in the peace and stillness of this beautiful setting, it is easy to discern the difference between the Spirit and the ego. There are no grey areas - the Spirit’s Purpose shines bright and joins us with our brothers in a collaborative, joyful, loving experience! All else is a call for healing and forgiveness. Recently I was called into three days of silence and prayer. During this time Jesus described the Monastery as being “a sanctuary of prayer, a place for brothers and sisters who thirst to come and drink from the Living Waters, and then continue on their way.

And so the Monastery is now open for in-person ‘Prayer Stays’. These stays can be visits of up to two weeks. For more information and to apply, see here

You are warmly invited to join us for ‘An Invitation to Prayer’ online gatherings

Weekly via Zoom, beginning Monday 10th May. Sign up to receive details including the Zoom link here

Words cannot describe the Gift and honor it is to live a life in service to the Spirit. Every leap of faith we take in His direction is so worth it, for it brings us closer to God; filling our mind with clarity and purpose, and our heart with fulfillment and Love. In ACIM Jesus describes, “In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your Creator shines forth from you to all around you. You can reflect Heaven here.” (T-14.IX.) With Love and Gratitude, Kirsten ❤️

Monastery Stays

Prayer Stays Prayer Stays are for one or two weeks. Occasionally there are openings for 3 night stays. These Prayer Stays are an opportunity to be in a place of reverence, and take quiet prayer-time alone to deepen in relationship with God / Jesus. As individually guided, there are opportunities to be of service, and to join with monastery community members, such as for morning ACIM lesson prayer, meditation, altar sessions, or online events. Application form for Prayer Stays here Enjoy this meditative video from the Monastery, Prayer Becomes a Song of Gratitude

Mystical Community Residential Stays These residential stays are a longer-term dive into full-time devotional prayer-life, living and applying the teachings of ACIM. Stewarding the Monastery through devotional service is our collaborative backdrop for awakening.

Application form for Mystical Community Stays here

Enjoy this video of Mystical Community members sharing gratitude, love & insights.

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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Hi Everyone ❤️

I just received guidance from Jesus not to hold any more guided meditations. Something else is coming in, and I will share the invitation with you when I have received all of the details. What I can tell you is that it involves prayer. So there will not be a guided meditation session this coming Monday. Below is the most recent and what turned out to be the final session, from Monday 12th April; a talk on devotion and mind-training, and on into a 20 minute silent meditation. You can find all of the previous guided meditations here

We are entering a quiet phase now at the Monastery. There are just three of us here for a while, in full appreciation. It feels like 'Tabula Rasa' a clean slate. It is a time of allowing the Spirit to reveal what this next phase is. It feels spacious and full. A time of reflection and prayer, tending the garden figuratively and literally, as are the deer, chipmunks, squirrels and birds, who bless us every day with their sweet presence.

The next Awakening from the Dream online retreat is a dive into mysticism.

My heart is beating in the joy of God.

My mind is resting in the peace of God.

My soul is invulnerable in the strength of God.

Mine eye is single in the light of God.

~ David Hoffmeister

The life of mysticism is as spontaneous and playful as it is serene and tranquil. Alive and energized by the living moment, the need for rituals and rules and structures falls away from the mind. Miracles lead the way, for the way of the true mystic is approach to God through attraction, not through avoidance or opposition. Love is without opposite, and this spiritual fact is finally approached and accepted without exception or compromise.

Join David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community for an online retreat weekend, May 7–9, on the topic of mysticism. Learn more and register here:

Enjoy the experience and writings on mysticism here

With Love always, Kirsten ❤️

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Dear Friends,

The winter is now transitioning into spring here at the Monastery. We have a family of deer who come on property every day, nibbling the new growth and drinking from the pond. The eldest often walks right along the kitchen deck and comes to lay down and join us for our morning meditation. Chipmunks are darting around, squirrels are coming close, and the soft bunnies are enjoying the lawn. So sweet. The Calling here continues to be for a small, settled group, which allows for trust to deepen, major life patterns to be moved through, and a deep shared experience of commitment to awakening, here, now.

The backdrop for healing, and collaborating with one another through the Spirit's Guidance continues to be stewarding the Monastery. Every day is like a painting - full of opportunities to give fully, to serve God, and to learn of Divine Care by giving full attention to what is Given, moment by moment to pour our hearts into. The healing that arises is fresh, and truly inspiring because it is not ‘processing the past’, but it is daring to approach healing directly in the present. This heals the past because it truly is the same moment. The miracles abolishes the need for time. The past only seems to hold a need for forgiveness because whatever seemed to happen wasn’t forgiven “then”. But present forgiveness wipes the past away. Exposure of guilt experienced now, cleanses and purifies all relationships because the projection onto them was simply the inability to release the guilt before.

Truly, the more that we give, the more that we receive, and this applies to every aspect of our mind and life. Knowing that giving is the solution - that it literally washes away separation - means that we are never at a loss. We can always give ourselves fully - through giving all that we have and all that we are to this very moment - inquiring to see - Is this moment calling for forgiveness? Is it calling for prayer? Is it calling for words to be spoken or emotions to arise? It is calling for a space of prayer and deep listening to be held by me, or for me? It doesn’t matter how the healing appears, whose call for love it seems to be - when we know that our part is essential and we take it and play it, we are fulfilled. Until the shift happens, the mind is literally addicted to the personal self, which is the 'cause' of guilt. Through learning to truly Give; to serve a Purpose higher than the personal self, and to dare to expose even the subtlest of personal patterns, motivations, desires and resentments, realizations dawn. The ego is transcended and the true Self that we are comes to the foreground. Only clarity of Purpose can draw this forth; can Guide the way through the layers of compromise, out into the light on the other side. The opening to true authenticity is not comfortable - in fact it is often 'wet with tears', or experienced as moving through intense darkness, but when the let-go and the step-up happens, the clarity of Mind and the awareness of Love is palpable. There is no greater gift than feeling one’s heart breaking open into this awareness. Beyond all of the fears and ego defenses lies a pure Heart desiring to serve - and a pristine Mind longing to be a channel for Spirit. Compromise is only ever in the mind - it is when we are not being our true Self that we are compromised. And then this ‘compromise’ plays out in myriad of ways - people-pleasing and deferring, emotional ups and downs that really don't have anything to do with what is going on here, now - it’s just that the compromise is projected onto the screen and fear is the result. To be uncompromising is to be true to the Spirit's Guidance in the moment. It is not to 'let things slide', but to dare to speak up on behalf of what is felt - not for any outcome in the world, including to change anyone else, but to dare to come forward and be shown what is true and what is false. In the light of truth, healing happens. In going towards a brother, the veil of separation falls away. What may have seemed like a personal grievance is often simply what needed to be said - and when it has been said, it is discovered that there is no personal grievance!

All that can be shared is our purpose - and every step taken towards healing is our purpose. It is the invitation to forgiveness through not holding back or maintaining any scrap of private thoughts. When there is willingness to be truly joined in mind, and to hold nothing back, the potential for true Collaboration is high. And that means joy!!!!!!!

Again this month there is a transition, as some who will have been here for several months will leave, and the space opens for who is to come next. Read more about mystical community at the Monastery here.

We are continuing to hold guided meditations via Zoom on Monday mornings. It is a Gift for us to share in this way, and rest in the Peace of God with brothers and sisters around the world. It feels holy.

Find the playlist of guided meditations and the link to join in with us via Zoom on Monday mornings here Some of the Monday meditation sessions are recorded, in which case they premiere YouTube a few days later - you can subscribe here. Notifications of videos are also shared in the Mystical Calling Facebook Group here.

Here are a few photos of collaborations, quiet moments, and the light shining through! (Yes, that is a bunch of sage, a blow-torch, and a septic heater pipe! We 'created' a home-made smoke test to find leaks in vent pipes - it was a miraculous invention that revealed all that needed to be fixed, while cleansing the pipes on multiples levels ;)

With Love and gratitude, Kirsten and Beloveds at the Monastery ❤️

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