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A Mystic by Nature 


As I listen to God's Voice,
I am sustained by His Love.

His Love lights up the world for me.
As I forgive,
His Love reminds me of innocence.

As I look with His vision,
I remember that I am His Son (ACIM)


Kirsten Buxton became devoted to awakening after falling to her knees and having a revelatory experience of such intense love she realized nothing else mattered.

In 2004 she began her journey with A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and 6 months later, enlightened mystic David Hoffmeister visited New Zealand. The recognition of Presence and Truth was immediate, and Kirsten heard the invitation from the Spirit to join David on a life-long journey into mysticism.

Through a devotional practice of prayer, meditation, following guidance, and applying the profound teachings of ACIM, she learned of her life's purpose and experienced a merge with the Spirit within her mind. Having walked ‘through the darkness to the light’ countless times, Kirsten exudes a profound wisdom and humility that touches the heart and lifts the spirit. 

Kirsten is the author of "I Married a Mystic", a diary of radical self-inquiry and holy relationship with David Hoffmeister. 

Kirsten has travelled extensively to share the mystical path through gatherings and retreats throughout the world. Kirsten resides in spiritual community and is currently overseeing the Living Miracles Monastery in rural Utah. 

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