A Mystic by Nature

"Lord make me an instrument of your peace"

Before I knew what God was, I longed to go Home. I also longed to know a Love that could not end. 

When life brought me falling to my knees in total surrender, I had an experience of such vast Love, I found all that I had been seeking for. My goal, my purpose, and my internal Guide were all revealed within this one heart-breaking-wide-open revelation.

Since then the journey has been an expansion, one of undoing the 'self' / releasing the blocks to Love's awareness through following Guidance, practicing forgiveness, and deepening into the total trust of Divine Providence.

This Life is for giving, it is through giving that we receive the greatest Gift there is... the full awareness of Who it is that Gives through us... and therefore Who we Are. 

It takes great faith and trust to open our hearts and minds to healing, and to completely 'step back and let Him lead the way.' ACIM

Thank you for being on this ever deepening journey into Truth. Awakening is a collaborative venture. 

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